steven heckt shecht at lamar.ColoState.EDU
Wed Nov 25 15:00:11 EST 1992

 I just can't find the two papers I have on this, but I will mention
 that the USB catalog mentions this use of TMACl and has a graph of
 the oligo length and Tm. in TMACl. (they also published in their
 winter 91 COMMENTS vol 18, no.3, a very nice summary of enhancement and 
 specificity PCR approaches, comparing and explaining hot start, SSB, and 
 T4 gene 32).

 I have used TMAC in PCR and found it did help some in my degenerate (primers,
 that is) system but not enough to continue. Their SSB version did help a l
 little bit as well. The previous replies regarding opt. are quite right too.

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