Martin Kennedy cytogen at chmeds.ac.nz
Thu Nov 26 19:51:15 EST 1992

>  I just can't find the two papers I have on this, but I will mention
>  that the USB catalog mentions this use of TMACl and has a graph of
>  the oligo length and Tm. in TMACl. (they also published in their
>  winter 91 COMMENTS vol 18, no.3, a very nice summary of enhancement and 
>  specificity PCR approaches, comparing and explaining hot start, SSB, and 
>  T4 gene 32).
>  I have used TMAC in PCR and found it did help some in my degenerate (primers,
>  that is) system but not enough to continue. Their SSB version did help a l
>  little bit as well. The previous replies regarding opt. are quite right too.

Just for the record, and to save anyone else scrabbling through their
voluminous files of PCR methods,  here is the TMAC ref Sonya was looking for:

Hung et al. (1990).  NAR 18, 4953



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