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> Hi, there:
> I am trying to clone a gene from lambda gt11 expression library with a
> oligonucleotide probe. Usually, one has to make a set of duplicates of
> nitrocellulose filter to confirm the spots are real. I heard that
> duplicates are not really reliable. Is this true?
> Thanks for response.
> W Shao

Reliable in what sense ? We screened a lambda EMBL4 bank using a weak
cross-hybridisation (random-primed probe) and the use of duplicates seemed
to be essential, otherwise one would end up cloning several spurious spots,
which gave no signal on rescreening. I think all clones, that were positive
on duplicate filters, were positive on rescreening. In my experience one 
can pick up to 5 duplicate filters from a plate; the last one gives already
a weakened signal. We used Colony-Plaque Screen from NEN.

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