PEG and blunt end ligations

Martin Kennedy cytogen at
Sun Nov 29 05:32:40 EST 1992

In article <1992Nov27.182237.8551 at>, gchacko at (George W Chacko) writes:
> I'm looking for a reference on the use of PEG in blunt end ligations.
> or if anyone has experience with the use of this reagent in ligations
> I'd appreciate a response.
> Thanks
> George

There was a reference to this back in about '85-86, in NAR.  LifeTech put it in
their ligation buffer, probably some other companies as well.  I've used it and
it certainly doesn't do any harm, maybe even enhances efficiencies. The theory
is that it decreases the effective volume of your ligation reaction, increasing
the likelihood of intermolecular ligation.  Be aware though, that PEG can
inhibit packaging of lambda DNA, and maybe even will affect the efficiency of
some high efficiency competent cell preps.



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