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>>This may be common knowledge, or it may have been asked before, but I don't
>>know how to access, if possible, MEDLINE via gopher or telnet (preferably 
>>for free). I would if somebody out there knows how to do this please let 
>>me know 
>MEDLINE can be accessed over the Internet (via Telnet) but I do not believe 
>that access is free (at least we still pay for it).  For those who are 
>interested, the NLM MedLine "search" software works fine over SLIP 
>connections.  I just got it working about 10 minutes back.  The trick is to 
>use the ETHERSLIP packet driver and not the SLIP8250 driver (on DOS 

To clarify myself -- by Medline "search" software, I am specifically 
referring to Grateful Med 6.0

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