David Kristofferson kristoff at net.bio.net
Thu Oct 1 17:54:13 EST 1992

afc at gnv.ifas.ufl.edu writes:

>In article <4001 at fcs280s.ncifcrf.gov>, pnh at fcsparc6.ncifcrf.gov (Paul N Hengen) writes:
>> Due to the recurrence of the chloramphenicol question,
>> I've started the construction of a FAQ list for
>> bionet.methds-reagnts and would like other people to
>> contribute to it's growth and evolution. Please feel free
>> to include what you like and any suggestions for a better
>> FAQ list. Thank You. -Paul.

>Finally, people are getting the idea that they should post summaries of
>answers when they ask a question.  Is anyone archiving these?  If so,
>an index and FTP address would be wonderful.

We will put up FAQs for FTP on net.bio.net and will have a complete
FTP and WAIS archive for all BIOSCI/bionet groups running pretty soon.
A FAQ for METHODS is a monumental project and my hat is off to Paul.


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				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

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