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In article <4001 at fcs280s.ncifcrf.gov>, pnh at fcsparc6.ncifcrf.gov (Paul N Hengen) writes:
> Due to the recurrence of the chloramphenicol question,
> I've started the construction of a FAQ list for
> bionet.methds-reagnts and would like other people to
> contribute to it's growth and evolution. Please feel free
> to include what you like and any suggestions for a better
> FAQ list. Thank You. -Paul.

I think a FAQ would be useful.  My suggestion would be to leave the
protocols out- there are too many to consider.  This is especially
true of ones like plasmid amplification, where a good reference exists.

I would suggest that a list of definitive papers would be great, e.g.
"read Hanahan for questions on transformation of E. coli".  We could
come up with similar "read this before posting" papers on DNA isolation,
hybridization, etc.  Techniques like PCR that are still largely black
magic probably haven't been adequately reviewed yet.

Second, a list of lab manuals (Maniatis, Berger/Kimmel, etc) with a 
BRIEF list of techniques covered would also be helpful.  For example, 
if my sequencing reactions aren't working, does Maniatis discuss 
sequencing?  Actual reviews are probably not a good idea because of 
legal problems and personal preferences...

Finally, people are getting the idea that they should post summaries of
answers when they ask a question.  Is anyone archiving these?  If so,
an index and FTP address would be wonderful.

Just my $0.02 worth.

Andrew Cockburn

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