faqs, old methods

Ed Rybicki ED at micro.uct.ac.za
Fri Oct 2 05:36:27 EST 1992

Regarding FAQs and storage of useful tips that come up on the net:  I have
for some months been filing everything of a bacterial / viral / PCR nature
that has come up on methods-reagents (and on bionet.molbio-evolution) in a
random access database on our LAN in our Department, for general
access by our staff and students.  If anyone remembers, but cannot quite
place, a useful tip / method they saw some time back, send me a query and
I will send back whatever comes up on the subject from the database.  I
also collect references on PCR and on plant viruses if anyone is
interested.  The archiving system is worth a mention for the simple reason
thatr it is cheap and friendly, and can import almost anything, in any
format: it is ARCHIVIST, for PCs, from Oxford University Press, and is
probably obsolete by now as I think they have an update with a different

Disclaimer: I don't represent anyone, I just use their products.

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