Umea Drosophila stocks

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Fri Oct 2 17:33:37 EST 1992

In article <1992Sep28.213506.48246 at> rice at (Peter Rice) writes:
>I have the Drosophila stock listings from the Indiana FTP site, but our
>fly labs here would like the listing from the European stock centre
>at Umea in Sweden. Something to do with how long it takes a fly to fly
>from the USA I suspect.
>Is the Umea list available online anywhere?

Thanks to the hard work of Kathy Matthews, curator of Bloomington's
Drosophila stock center, the Umea fly stock list is now available
electronically.  You can fetch it by ftp from
as /fly/Umea.txt (a spreadsheet format), as /fly/gopher-s/umeagoph.txt
(a somewhat more readable format), or you can use Internet Gopher
to, and ask questions of the
"Drosophila/Drosophila Stocks?" item  which will list out fly stocks
matching key words from three stock centers, Umea, Bloomington
and Bowling Green.   There will be new gopher items soon to let
you search individual stock center lists.

Now that an electronic list of the Umea stocks is available, Dr. Matthews
would prefer that orders for Drosophila stocks from Europe first go
to the Umea center if they have the stock.

The flies probably would prefer not to fly the Atlantic also.

-- Don
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