Size of exons and introns?

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Sat Oct 3 07:47:00 EST 1992

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>naffara at (Dr. N.A. Affara) writes:
>>Does anyone know the maximum, minimum, (if any) and average size of exons
>>and introns in human DNA?
>	I posted something a while back on the subject -- you might try
>the archives.  The largest exon known is in apolipoprotein B and is
>over 7 Kb.
>	If memory serves me, human introns smaller than 75 bp are
>very rare, but the largest ones can be enormous (10s of Kb, probably
>some in the 100s of Kb).
>Keith Robison
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The human cAbl gene has a 175kb first intron and I'm sure there are
other's out there even bigger.

Keith, it was nice to finally put a face with a name.

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