***Help CHICKEN cell line (urgent)******

Anthony Davies adavies at vax.oxford.ac.uk
Wed Oct 7 02:50:08 EST 1992

In article <1992Oct6.201603.1 at vax.path.ox.ac.uk>, jasper at vax.path.ox.ac.uk writes:
> The only lines that grow in culture other than primary ones are Marek's
> Lymphoma derived, there are (to the best of my knowledge) no others. I'm
> afraid I don't have a contact for these, though if pushed I *might* be able to
> contact a vetinarian who knows unless he has already gone to the Himilayas for
> 6 weeks vacation ! 
> Anyone knowing of any others??? 

I would imagine you could stably transform Chicken PBL with Marek's virus using 
cyclosporin A, and that it would be pretty easy to do.  All you would need is 
an aliquot of Mareks, some CSA and a chicken!!  I could provide a contact for 

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