protein expression systems

Mark Bradley MPB at CBR.DWE.CSIRO.AU
Thu Oct 8 13:56:07 EST 1992

We have been using the Maltose-Binding System over the last year
with success except in one area which I think is worth mentioning.
One can cleave the MBP from the protein of interest with factor Xa.
One is then supposed to be able to to separate the cleaved
MBP from the target protein by passing the cleaved mix over the amylose affinity
column.  The protein of interest should pass through and the MBP should be retained.
We find that after cleavage, the MBP fails to bind to the column.  I have talked
with colleagues about this and those using the same system have had identical
We have attempted to alter the affinity column parameters with no
success.  I would be interested in hearing from others who may
have experienced this with the system, and espcially those
who have been able to overcome it.

Mark Bradley
Div. Wildlife & Ecology

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