searching media for thermoproteus tenax

Stefan Zickenheiner steve at
Thu Oct 8 06:06:57 EST 1992

Hello out there,

I am looking - for a friend of mine not familiar in using Unix-stations -
for a specific media for thermoproteus tenax, a sulphur-reducing bacterium
which does not grow the way we want to (in several attempts).

We are referring to a copy of an old article (1981), but the media described
there is not of great use, in fact, we can't even create a RICH media in
which our bacterium feels well (it grows a bit, though).

I don't think we are working essential wrong (we know it has to be tempered
and is growing under absence of oxygen, of course!) it is "just" the wrong
media... (hard work to find the right one, I know!)

Are there any good references, or does anybody work in that direction??

Thanks a lot, Steve.

Please feel free to e-mail me on Internet:

steve at

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