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Sun Oct 11 09:57:58 EST 1992

Yes... I have extensive experience with Iodogen.  Let's start with simple
things; what are you dissolving it in?  I have never ueDELETE
things; what are you dissolving it in?  I have never used anything but
chloroform.  Weigh out what you want and make the necessary dilutions in
chlorform.  Never water - iodogen may not even be soluble in water but water
will all but inactivate it anyway.  To get rid of the chloroform, use a
Pasteur pipette bulb with a needle and with the pipette poking through the
bulb.  This little apparatus is hooked up to the vacuum.  what you basically
want to do is to have your iodogen/clfm (at the concentration you want) under
vacuum as you vortex the solution in the tube.  The vacuum draws off the clfm
leaving the iodogen coated to the glass tubes.  More complex:  iodogen is
water and light sensitive.  Keep the tubes you've made at room temp,
dessicated, and dark (wrapped in foil).  They are only good for 4-6 months if
optimally stored.  The Iodogen reagent itself mustbe kept under similar
conditions.  Look at the bottle as you turn it... does the iodogen reagent
tumble as you turn the bottle, grain by grain?, or does it hold in one position
as you turn it and then fall all at once?  If it does the latter then the
iodogen has taken up water and your labeling efficiency *WILL* be ten-fold
less than what it should be... you need new iodogen.

I hope this helps... if you need any additional information don't hesitate
to call...

David L. Haviland, Ph.D.
haviland at

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