Immunization and Adjuvants

Sun Oct 11 18:52:00 EST 1992

     I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions on the new adjuvants that
have appeared in the past few years.
     In the past I have been successful at making good antisera using
complete Freund's adjuvant with my antigen.  In the last year I've tried
several of the new commercially available adjuvants (at the request of the
animal use committee).  I obtained antisera with a high titre by ELISA but
these sera were ineffective in some assays especially western blotting.
While it might be the antigens that I've used, I keep wondering about the
adjuvants.  I've noticed that every report describing these adjuvants only
has ELISA data and does not test the resulting serum in a variety of
assays.  Is it possible that these adjuvants induce a high titered serum
with low affinity or avidity?  Has anyone had great success (or failure)
with these adjuvants?  Are any of these adjuvants better than others?
     Thanks for your input.
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