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Mon Oct 12 23:58:44 EST 1992

In article <MeqOnTK00YV9A2c2sR at>, "Anand K. Bachhawat" <ab4u+ at> writes:
>Dear Netters,
>We're thinking of getting a Savant oil free pump for drying gels. Does
>anyone have any experience with these pumps and are they better than 
>getting the regular oil pumps with a vapour trap? I understand that
>there was a lot of discussion on this several months ago but I missed
>it. If someone would be willing to summarize some of the salient
>features that came out of those discussions that would be greatly
>appreciated. Thanks a lot, Anand Bachhawat,CMU

We have been using one for about a year now. They work quite well
and are trouble free. More important they are essentially maintainance
free. They don't quite pull as strong a vacuum as a good oil driven
pump, but they are just fine for drying gels. I highly recommend them.

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