secretion vectors

Tue Oct 13 02:12:39 EST 1992

Some time ago I posted a message to this news service asking for any help
whatsoever with regard to a secretion vector. As I have received no mail I can
only assume that one of two events happened. Either no-one out there was able
to help me with my problem (highly unlikely) or the message was not posted
correctly (highly probable).

I would therefore like to rule out one of these possibilities by posting this
message out differently to the way it was previously posted. If the former
possibility was correct ie no-one was able to help with this particular problem,
then I apologise in advance to everyone who has already read this message.

The message that I posted was as follows:

Dear Networkers,

I would be very grateful if anyone could offer me advice on the following
problem. I am interested in obtaining a vector (either commercially or
directly from a lab), that is able to be propogated in both prokaryotic and
eukaryotic cells. However the vector has to be a secretion vector in the sense
that it makes the protein of interest which is then exported out of the cell.

There is the vector pMAMneo-s available from Clontech, in which the gene of
interest is inserted downstream from the signal peptide of the tissue-type
plasminogen activator (t-PA), thus resulting in the secretion of the protein
out of mammalian cells. However, expression of the inserted gene is under the
control of an inducible promoter. For my work, I require constitutive
expression of the gene thus leading to the continued presence of protein in the
absence of any inducers.

Thanks for your help.

Darren Lowen
botdjl at

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