BRL's cloneAmp system - any experience ?

Martin Kennedy cytogen at
Tue Oct 13 17:03:52 EST 1992

In article <1bda7fINNv9 at>, robert at (Robert Coelen) writes:
> We are interested in using BRL's CloneAmp system, employing pfu
> for accurate copying. Does anyone have any experience with this method ?
> Whilst we're on the topic, what about their 3' and 5' RACE kits ?
> Any comments gratefully received, acknowledged and summarised !
> Robert Coelen
> Dept of Microbiology

I can't comment on the CloneAmp system, but I know of at least two groups here
who have used without success the 3' and 5' RACE kits.  I routinely do 3' and
5' RACE (without a kit) and have no problems.  I posted the method here a while



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