Automated sequencing: opinions please!

Ari-Pekka Kvist apk at phoenix
Mon Oct 12 02:59:55 EST 1992

rybicki at wrote:
: Dear Netlanders / colleagues in cyberspace:
: My turn to ask a FAQ - we would like to share the experiences of those of you
: who have tried out automated sequencing setups.  We are inclining towards the
: Pharmacia system; however, we would very much appreciate hearing from anyone
: who has any experience with this or anything else, or who can point us in the
: direction of info available on comparison of these systems.  Depending on what
How about Millipore's Basestation? Does anyone have any experiences?
I think that machine is quite new and it might not be as popular as
previous one's but anywaay I would like to hear opinions from that 
equipment too


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