Help for recommendation (Specific IgE set)

Thu Oct 15 13:16:12 EST 1992

   Hello networkers,
does anybody have a good experience with any (ELISA or strip) test of specific
IgE reliable to (certain extent) diagnose (IN VITRO) food allergy??
Fell free to reditribute this request to companies selling these products
giving them my e-mail or Fax number. Unfortunatelly I am still not able to
find reliable representative to consult with him the scientific, technical,
and financial details.
        Thanks for your help,
Milan Jira, M.D., Ph.D., Head, Dept. of Immunology
Medical Faculty, Charles University
Srobarova 48, 100 42 Praha 10, Czechoslovakia
Fax: +42-2-741075
BITNET: ULIMJ at CSPUNI12    Internet: imunita at earn.cvut.cs

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