PCR reaction kinetics

Thu Oct 15 13:10:45 EST 1992

Hello netters:
   I am trying to model the reaction kinetics of PCR reactions.  I need some
help finding papers that discuss the reaction kinetics and Equilibrium
constants of primer/template reactions.  I vaguely recall reading a paper on
the subject a year ago, but can't find the reference.  Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

Barry Campbell
Molecular Ecology Laboratory
Queen's University
Kingson, Ontario, CANADA

There is one article  "Quantitative or Semi-quantitative PCR: reality vs myth"
by nFracois Ferre in PCR methods and applications Aug 92, 2:1-9.  He does
talk about some quantitation and kinetics.  Although to me it looks like
considering the almost single copy specificity and the plateau (did I spell 
it right?) aspects of PCR, is it a farce to consider PCR as anywhere near
quantitative in the strickest sense.  
Raj Shankarappa
Univ of Pittsburgh

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