Wed Oct 21 12:02:01 EST 1992

>  Could someone please post or E-mail me a recipe for "super broth"
>or "terrific broth" (if they're different!)?
I don't know about super broth.

>I want to use it for expressing protein from E. coli.
>I looked around all our manuals and even checked WAIS to search the methods
>archive.....  I'm probably just looking in the wrong places!

TB ("Terrific Broth"):

Ref: Tartof & Hobbs, Focus (publ by BRL) vol9 #2, p12 (1987).  Or BRL's 
Guide to Frozen Competent Cells.

"One liter of TB was prepared by adding 100 ml of a sterile solution of
0.17 M KH2PO4 & 0.72 M K2HPO4 to a sterile solution containing 12g
Bacto-tryptone, 24g Bacto-yeast extract, 4.0 ml gylcerol and water to a
final volume of 900 ml. "
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