Bruce Roe's mailing list now managed by BIOSCI

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Fri Oct 23 19:15:35 EST 1992

Bruce Roe has taken us up on our offer to manage mailing lists for six
months before they go out to vote as full-fledged BIOSCI newsgroups.
Please note that the mailing list has been sent to me and is now
listed under the address

	autoseqs at

The group will be announced once on BIONEWS/bionet.announce and then
further promotion is Bruce's responsibility; the group will not be
listed on the BIOSCI info sheet until it passes a vote.

For those of you who are familiar with BIOSCI newsgroups, please note
that a parallel address in the UK does *NOT* exist for this mailing
list.  All subscription requests regardless of your geographical
location should be directed to biosci at as long as this list
remains in its current status.  All messages to the list should be
sent only to autoseqs at


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				kristoff at

Date: Fri, 23 Oct 92 07:16 CDT
From: Bruce Roe <BROE at>
Subject: AutoSeqs List
To: kristoff

        How's about "AutoSeqs" for the list name and the following
short description.

        AutoSeqs, a list for users of Automated DNA Sequencers.

The purpose of this list is to facilitate communication between users
of the various commercial automated DNA sequencing instruments, by
providing a forum to discuss and share protocols, problems and solutions
that will aid others in successfully implementing automated DNA sequencing.  
If you have access to automated DNA sequencing instrumentation, direct
an automated fluorescent sequencing faciltiy, are the operator of an
automated fluorescent DNA sequencing instrument, or just want to inquire
about these instruments, then you may find this forum userful.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the automated fluorescent
sequencing instrument manufacturers.

 \  Bruce A. Roe                    INTERNET: BROE at  /
 /  Dept. of Chem. and Biochem.     BITNET:   BROE at uokucsvx                 \
 \  University of Oklahoma          AT&TNET:  405-325-4912 or 405-325-7610  /
 /  620 Parrington Oval, Rm 208     FAXnet:   405-325-6111                  \
 \  Norman, Oklahoma 73019          ICBMnet:  35deg 14min N, 97deg 27min W  \


Newsgroup Creation Policy

For full-fledged BIOSCI newsgroup status (also see "prototype" rules below):

(stuff deleted)

BIOSCI "prototype" newsgroup creation policy

We will be happy to establish and administer a straight *mailing* list
*without* an associated USENET newsgroup for a six month trial period
for anyone that wants to try to form a new electronic community in the
biological sciences (We stress that the topics are limited to
professional communications though.).

The mailing lists will be maintained *initially* only at
instead of at both BIOSCI sites, and will not be added to the BIOSCI
information sheet listing.  It will be the responsibility of the
person who proposes the list to get it up and running within the six
month period.  They will have to handle promotion; our involvement at
BIOSCI at will be limited to creating the list, putting
out one announcement about it, and handling subscription requests.

After six months, the list will be put out for discussion and a vote
according to our procedures for full-fledged newsgroups above (unless
the organizer decides to bow out).  If it passes it will become a
full-fledged BIOSCI newsgroup at both and
and will also have a parallel USENET newsgroup.  If it fails, the
prototype mailing list at will be shut down.

Note that this service does not preclude people who have an idea that
has widespread appeal from following our current newsgroup creation
policy and going to a vote after a 10 day discussion.

If you have an idea for a prototype newsgroup, please send it to
biosci at

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