5-color filter wheel for ABI

Francis Ouellette francis at MONOD.BIOL.MCGILL.CA
Sun Oct 25 20:15:35 EST 1992

Hello Rick, autoseqs_netters and methods_and_reagents_BIONAUTS

thank you Rick for your note.  I look forward to your insider's
comments about the release of the new filter. 

You also mention:

> but we've been using it along
> with the Sequenase terminator chemistry which Bruce aptly referenced for
> about 1.5 years.  It's a tremendous improvement over the Taq terminator
> chemistry, although does carry the requirement for ssDNA.

In the Lee et al., (199*2*) paper that Bruce Roe reffered to 
(NAR 20:2471-2483), you talk about working on the alkaline denaturation 
of dsDNA to use with the sequenase.  As anything come out of that?

Do you now do most of your sequencing with ssDNA and sequenase, or do you 
still use the TAQ cycling dsDNA often?  

In a slightly different area, I once read a note from 
your lab in some ABI propaganda bulletin, and in it you indicated 
(if I remember correctly) a 2 phase shotgun cloning approach to cosmids.  
5-7 kb inserts used to link the 1-3 kb based-contigs which had been read 
from one end. Do you still do this?  At the yeast genome meeting I was 
just at the "fastest" sequencer were just doing the 1kb shotgun method 
and closing up contigs with TAQ cycling.  What are your comments about 

> When will ABI be able to have this hardware in everyones hands?  The problem
> is getting enough filters (the new one, 530 nm, is tough to QC). 

Excuse those of us that are not as close as you to R&D :), but what 
is QC?  Quality Check?

thanks in advance,


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| manager, yeast chromosome I project
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