5-color filter wheel for ABI

Rick Wilson rick at GENEMAN.WUSTL.EDU
Sun Oct 25 14:21:09 EST 1992

Hello all,

   Concerning the 5-color filter wheel for the 373A:  we didn't design it
(although thanks for the thought, Francis!), but we've been using it along
with the Sequenase terminator chemistry which Bruce aptly referenced for
about 1.5 years.  It's a tremendous improvement over the Taq terminator
chemistry, although does carry the requirement for ssDNA.

   To use the new chemistry, you'll need to replace your current filter
wheel with a 5-color filter wheel (four filters for dye-primers, four for
Seq terminators; i.e. the filter sets overlap).  You'll also need a new
ROM cartridge.  A field service engineer is required for the installation.
When will ABI be able to have this hardware in everyones hands?  The problem
is getting enough filters (the new one, 530 nm, is tough to QC).  They're
trying for a product release around the first of November.  I've got good
connections with ABI R&D, so I'll post any good news I hear to this news-
group (nice job Bruce, getting it going).

   Any other questions on the chemistry, feel free to ask.

R. Wilson
St. Louis

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