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>Dear Netters,
>Is there any reason (other than size fractionation) for running RNA on 
>a gel containing formaldehyde.  Why not run it on plain agarose gel?  
>Has anyone tried it.  I am working with Rice RNA.  Will running RNA 
>in just agarose gel affect hybridization.  What is the function of 
>glyoxal that is used  during electrophoresis of RNA.     

You do not nees formaldehyde in the gel, it is enough to have it in the

If you want to avoid formaldehyde altogether, and still keep your RNA
denatured, dissolve the sample in formamide, and run in an agarose gel 
that was dialysed vs 8M urea in TEA buffer. It is almost as sharp as
formaldehyde gels (which are not that sharp anyway).


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