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In article <1992Oct28.095234.7156 at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu> harpel at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu writes:
>I am interested in purchasing an HPLC for my laboratory.  Does anyone
>have any particular recommendations.  The machine will be used
>primarily for analysis and some small-scale purifiation.  

Yes, I have a suggestion.

In my lab, we have a Hewlett Packard machine (HP1050 series). It works
fine (we have a computerized work station, with an IBM PC compatible and a
program working under Windows 3. we use it for analysis only).

But the service is very poor. (we all think this is an understatement here).

If it had to be done again, we would buy a Waters system. They have a very
good service department which DOES give a damn about their clients.
(so I was told by Waters systems users in another department here)

(My boss did not buy a Waters system because the representative was too
pushy and arrogant. And the Hewlett Packard guys were offering interesting

I hope it helped.

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