Cycle sequencing questions

batc at batc at
Sun Sep 20 13:14:57 EST 1992

  Hi dear netters
  I have figured out that there are some people who are working on cycle 
sequencing. I 've tried some times and I have had one constant problem.
Though I 've got really strong signal I 've got stops in all four lanes.
The sequences were readable but it was annoying having all those stops.
I was trying to sequence PCR products using end labeled primers: one of the PCR
primers and the other was nested primer. I hane used the New England Biolabs'
"CircumVent Thermal Cycle Sequencing Kit". Is there any one who has any idea
why this happens and what the solution could be? I would appreciate any
Thank you in advance
Costas Batargias

(I have posted the above in the past but I guess that I made a mistake. 
Unfortunately I am not an expert in computers. I am sorry if you 've received
twice this message.)

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