Basavaraju Shankarappa bsh at MED.PITT.EDU
Fri Sep 25 16:03:27 EST 1992

	Since there seems to be a lot of traffic now and before about 
the use of HOt start, I have a simple question.
	I routinely incubate my samples at 94C for 2 min before starting
the cycling.  I stick my tubes in the block only after the block has
reached a temperature of more than 55C.  Untill then the samples stay 
on ice.  The few seconds that the sample is taken through at lower 
annealing temperatures I have difficulty believing it is going to 
make a lot of difference.  
	My question is whether these few seconds that it takes for
the sample to attain specific annealing temperature is going to 
adversely affect the outcome.  Has someone attempted this or am I missing
something big.  I would appreciate any clarifications.
Raj Shankarappa
Univ of Pittsburgh

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