info needed on mutagenesis kit

Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Fri Sep 25 06:45:12 EST 1992

Dear M&R netters,

I have a colleague who is thinking about trying the Clontech "Transformer(tm)
Site-Directed Mutagenesis" kit, and he was wondering if anyone on the net
would have any pros, cons or indifferent about this kit.

Looking at the catalogue, it actually looks pretty straight forward ...  
is it?

For the benefit of thone on BIOSCI mailling list, please forward me all
replies and I will  _summarize_ back to this group,

regards to all,


| B.F. Francis Ouellette  
| manager, yeast chromosome I project
| dept of biology, McGill university, Montreal, Qc, Canada
| francis at

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