Probing native DNA on filters(??)

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Thu Sep 24 14:08:52 EST 1992

Subject:    RE: Probing native DNA on filters(??)
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Date:       21 Sep 92 09:50:34

bsh at wrote:

> Is this not the same as South-Western blot;
> There seems to be so many blots it seems to be confusing.
> May be if somebody has a glossary of all the blot definitions
> would they mind posting it.
> If not, I will try to fish the meaning of different blots that I can
> and may be otherS can add on as the time goes by.

Here's some:

Southern blotting: blotting of denatured DNA onto membrane, probe with
    DNA or RNA

Northern blotting: blotting of denatured RNA onto membrane, probe with
    RNA or DNA

Western blotting: blotting of denatured protein onto membrane, probe with

Southern Cross blotting: blotting of 1 wide lane of restricted DNA onto a
    filter, probe with another single-lane digest of end-labelled DNA from
    a gel turned at right-angles to the first (to detect common sequences
    between fragments in different digests)

Middle Eastern blotting: blotting of RNA onto membrane, using it as
    substrate for in vitro translation, detection of translation product
    using antibody

South-Western blotting: getting drunk on Hansa Pilsener [local joke:
    Namibia used to be called SOuth_west Africa, and they make very good
    beer there...!]


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