non palindromic recognition sequences

Bill Melchior, NCTR/FDA wmelchior at NTBTOX.NCTR.FDA.GOV
Thu Sep 24 09:19:19 EST 1992

>           Does anyone know of a Restriction Endonuclease that cuts WITHIN
>a non-palindromic recognition sequence,and if so,an available source.
>           New England Biolabs' Aci I (CCGC) unfortunately leaves a palin-
>dromic overhang which is unsuitable for our purposes.

AvaI CAN leave a non-palindromic overhang.  It cuts once in pBR322 to leave
a 5' TCGG.  The recognition sequence is CYCGRG, so it can cut at both
palindromic and non-palindromic sites.  There are other enzymes listed with
similar ambiguous recognition sequences.
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