Mark Guiltinan mark_guiltinan at AGCS.PSU.EDU
Mon Sep 21 21:41:23 EST 1992

Actually, you can use the metal wire from a disassembled small or medium sized
binder clip (same type as used for sequencing gels but smaller).  You can use
the end to insert into the hole of the inner ring on top of the adjustable
dial.  Hold the inner ring still using the clip while turning the outer dial. 
This will change the calibration set.  What do you think, maybe we should
publish this in Biotechniques (ha ha)?

Mark Guiltinan
Penn State Biotechnology Institute
mjg at psupen.psu.edu 
From: lev at dfciaids.dfci.harvard.edu on Mon, Sep 21, 1992 3:38 PM
To: methods at genbank.bio.net

Unfortunatuly, the new generation of Pipetmens by Rainin (in contrast
to the old French? ones) could not be recalibrated without special tools. 

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