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Mon Sep 21 12:17:00 EST 1992

>Somebody else suggested throwing out an out of calibration pipetman.


>I have a copy of a protocol for the whole 
>process, including instructions on how to calibrate the things.

>For the older models, an allen wrench and
>a screw driver are all that is needed.

>I will try to transcibe a copy of the protocol here,
>but if anyone else knows of an electronic copy of a
>similar protocol, it will save me much typing.


If you can bring yourself to do the typing, it would be much appreciated.
I have recalibrated early Pipetmen (Pipetmans -- what IS the plural?)
according to instructions that came with them, but they stopped including
those instructions with the instruments MANY years ago, and I've wished that
I'd copied them when I was in the lab that had them.

Since Rainen has a service department, I assume the reason for not including
those instructions is monetary.  And I suspect that this is the reason
Spectrum stopped sending clear instructions for cleaning Spectropor 
dialysis tubing.  Their instructions used to give common lab chemicals, but 
now call for Solution 1 and Solution 2 (available, of course, from Spectrum).

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