Northern with Digoxigenin

MIKE::PECHAN pechan at
Mon Sep 21 10:27:19 EST 1992

Hi, everyone
        I have problems with Northern blotting via Digoxogenin labelled
probes. Hybridization system is successful with 32P-random-prime cDNA
probes, but the same probe labeled with digoxigenin show excellent results
only by in-situ hybridizations(sense/antisense) with cRNA, but no signal
with with hybridizations on membrane. This hybridization should be succes-
ful by Southern(Boehringer manual) but we are unlucky with our Northerns.
We follow the protocol of Boehringer Mannheim and also after several dis-
cussions with the Boehringer specialist we don't have results, althouth
the latest 32P hybridizations are O.K. Could anybody help me?
(We would like to work non-radioactively)
                                              Peter Pechan
                                              Molecular Neurobiology

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