dam(n)- e.coli

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In article <9209171348.AA21614 at phobos.med.pitt.edu>, bsh at MED.PITT.EDU (Basavaraju Shankarappa) writes:
> This question is for people who have worked with dam- E.coli.
> I was given a dam- strain called GM33.  When I attempted to make competent
> cells by the CaCl2 procedure, the cells would aggregate kind of precipitate
> the moment 100 mM CaCl2 solution is added.

Hi out there,
we were just discussing this dam(n) - story (i myself once got stuck with a
dam-sensitive enzyme BglI once) when a fellow worker in the lab mentioned the 
He's overcome that prob. by using competent JM110 cells (avail. from 
Stratagene). They transform nicely and the plasmid-DNA isolated from these 
recombinants is cut happily with BclI.
Great news to me, I should have known this 'couple 'years before, when I tried
to make GM33 competent !!! Fortunately I found a different enzyme at that


PS: None of us has any relation with STRATAGENE.
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