Cryofreezers (-20C) - any problems with yours?

Peter M. Muriana muriana at
Sun Sep 20 10:32:04 EST 1992

Dear Netters,

	Our <2 yr old Baxter/Scientific Products Cryofreezer (-20C) just 
went down.  I'm told by our physical plant people (refrigeration) that they 
detected a leak in the refrigeration lines, but unfortunately it's not in 
an accessible area; it's in the walls & to get to it they would have to 
open it like a sardine can. They have since told me that this isn't the 
first problem they've had like this with units from Baxter, which is now 
trying to dump me & my problem onto the manufacturer (Revco) upon whom 
Baxter puts their label.

	Before I plunk down another $1,200 for another unit, have any of 
you had good experiences/bad problems with -20C freezers?  If so, which 
ones?  Since this isn't a supercold (-80C; ~$4-$6k), would I be just as well 
off with a $400 Sears model? (We noticed the freezer portion of our lab 
refrig/freezer combo maintaining at about -20C; at this price I could have
replaced the cryofridge 3 times and still break even)

I'll post a summary of the answers, thanks.


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