direct phage sequencing

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Fri Sep 18 10:57:51 EST 1992

In article <1992Sep16.141612.13559 at> CALCIUM at FRCICT81.EARN writes:
>hello to everybody,
>I would like to obtain the sequence of a genomic clone in the phage EMBL3 using
>internal oligonucleotides. Could you please send me advice (quality of
>DNA, type of purification, quantity of DNA...). Thank you in advance.

I tried direct sequencing of phage DNA by several different methods without 
any luck.  What did work nicely was to amplify a region from the phage by
PCR and then use cyle sequencing on the PCR product (I used NEB's Vent
polymerase kit). Most people reccomend using nested primers -ie. PCR with one
set of primers and then sequence with an internal primer, but I found that it
works fine to sequence with one of the same primers that were used for PCR.


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