cheap growth media other than Difco

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Thu Sep 17 23:36:24 EST 1992

In article <Eei8sI_00WB3MfSUhQ at>, "Morris F. Manolson" <mm6y+ at> writes:
>Dear bit-biologist,  does anybody use growth media other
>than Difco for the growth of bacteria and yeast.  There
>are some other "no-name" sources of yeast extract, Agar,
>Tryptone, yeast nitrogen base, etc that  are alot cheaper
>than Difco (for example, Gibco's "SELECT" growth media
>line) and claim to be identical to Difco.  Has anybody
>any experience with these cheaper no-name brands?
>Thanks in advance, Morrie (always trying to save a buck) Manolson

I have use Gibco's Select media with no problem for a number of 
years. It is a little cheaper (about 10-20%) and work well for almost
everyting we have done. Some batches of their agar had a slight
glucose contamination, not enought to grow on but enough to interfer
with chemotaxis assays. But no problem for routine stuff.
We have used Bacteriological agar from USB, which is much cheaper,
with no problems at all. 
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