FACS of yeast

Stephen Kelley kelley at vet.vet.purdue.edu
Thu Sep 17 17:31:11 EST 1992

In article <9209172141.AA26504 at genbank.bio.net> RGB12955%USA.decnet at USAV01.GLAXO.COM ("USA::RGB12955") writes:
- Dear Nettrons:
- Has anyone tried (or heard of anyone trying) to analyze and sort yeast via 
- FACS.  I have heard of someone doing so on yeast protoplasts, but how 
- about whole cells?  Are there any particular problems with it that I need to 
- address before getting started?

Marvin Peterson at marvin at molbio.cbs.umn.edu, for one.  

I'll copy your question to the cytometry mailing list I run, and see if
anyone else responds.

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