Acidic polyacrylamide gels

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>I am studying protein-protein interactions as described in the post of 
>Cornelius Krasel recently.  In particular, I have tried the so-called
>"far-Western" blot technique, where you use labeled protein as a probe
>instead of antibody.  So far I have not seen anything and I have recently
>learned that the protein I'm trying to detect has two subunits, one with
>a pI around neutral and the other at pI=10.4.  So I'm not sure that this
>protein has been entering the gels I've been running in Tris-glycine at 
>pH=8.  Does anybody have any info on native acidic polyacrylamide gels?
>We don't have isoelectric focussing equipment.  Any advice from people who
>work on histones or other basic proteins?  I'd appreciate any input.  

Several years ago I used for alkaline proteins a Triethylamine HCl buffer: 
pH 11, it worked well in native conditions...

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