UV Shadowing

Wed Sep 16 15:17:42 EST 1992

>In a previous article, SMITH_DENNIS_P at LILLY.COM ("DENNIS P. SMITH") says:

>>Need advice of how to take photograph of an oligonucleotides using UV
>>shadowing. Can anyone suggest a reliable technique? Thanks DPSMITH

>Put your gel on a piece of Saran Wrap, and lay it atop a fluorescing
>substrate (More on this below).  Then use a hand illuminator to shine
>through the gel, and detect dark spots on the otherwise bright background.

>Finding the right fluorescing plate is sometimes tricky.  What always works
>is the glass cellulose TLC plates that are marked "with fluorescence
>indicator"; maybe the plastic plates or the silica TLC plates work too.

The plastic-backed TLC plates that we always use work well and have a bright
green fluorescence.  They are distributed by Brinkman Instruments, Inc
and are Macherey-Nagel Polygram SIL G/UV254 plates.  25/box, 20x20 cm.
The lot we are using is about 10 years old, but I presume they are still
available.  They last a long time if you wrap them with plastic film.

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