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In article <1992Sep15.023903.16475 at>, gat44 at (Gabriel Trueba) writes:
>Dear Netters
>Does anybody know why E.coli strain 1090r-(RecA+) is not 
>used for lambda EMBL libraries?. I am aware of the fact
>that P2 lysogens are the best.
>gat44 at

I don't know the genotype of 1090r- off the top of my head, but there
probably is no specific reason why it isn't used. However, for reasons
not always known, lambda forms nicer plaques and higher titers on some
hosts than it does on others. Therefore the hosts you see recommended 
for use with lambda are usually those which, in peoples experience, are
known to work well. This does not mean that other hosts won't work.

You only need to use a P2 lysogen for the initial plating/amplification
of your library. Afterwards you don't need to continue using P2 lysogens.

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