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>Hello M&M's..

>Recently, lurking in the back of Nature, I found a mention of
>a product called Hydrolink MDE (mutation detection enhancement)
>gel. It is purportedly capable of resolving heteroduplex fragments
>with 1 bp change in 900.

>However, Nature failed to give the address, phone, fax, email (hah hah)
>of this company - I suspect they're on t'other side of the pond.

>Can any of you help. If anyone has any experience of this product, I'd
>like to hear from you too.

>Rob Beynon, Biochemistry, Liverpool

There was an article in Biotech Forum Europe (BFE) 8 (11), p. 694-695
: New formulations for improved DNA electrophoresis, by Schiffer R.,  
1991, in which they write that Hydrolink was developed by the J.T Baker
Their adress is:
J.T. Baker B.V.
Rijsterborgherweg 20
7400 AA Deventer
The Netherlands
Phone +31 5700 87500
Fax   +31 5700 11342

Hope this helps

(Disclaimer: I am in no way connected to the above mentioned company)

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