Epstein Barr

Johan deBoer jdboer at SOL.UVIC.CA
Fri Sep 4 18:27:03 EST 1992

     Fellow moleculars,

     We are considering some work with  the Epstein Barr virus, and have  a
     few questions about it that we hope someone is able to answer.

     1)   What is the proper (latin  I guess) species, genus, organism etc.
          name for this virus?

     2)   The virus resides  in a cell line called MCUV5. What cell line is
          this, where does it come from, what does the name mean?

     3)   What are  the clinical  aspects, dangers,  risks, etc  associated
          with working with EBV?

     Any  comments, or pointers  to as where  the information  can be found
     would be greatly appreciated.

     Johan de Boer
     jdboer at sol.uvic.ca
     University of Victoria, BC

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