cDNA library kits

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Fri Sep 4 17:40:00 EST 1992

     I have had InVitrogen make a cDNA library for me recently, and was
very pleased with the result.  The library they constructed had four million
members.  The cost is $2000 if you send them the mRNA, for an additional
$1000, they will isolate the mRNA for you.  Another colleague had two
libraries made recently (three million members from one, seven from the other).
InVitrogen sells the same kits they use to make their libraries, however,
if you only have four months to construct and screen it, it might be advantegous
to have it made.  Several biotech companies are selling premade libraries from
different tissues, and ATCC has some libraries as well-it might be good to
see if what you need is already available.  Another possibility might be to
check the literature and see if someone has made a library from the same 
tissue-typically you amplify the library and freeze down aliquots. Maybe
they would be willing to send you an aliquot.
     Best wishes;
     Lisa Ross
     Glaxo Research Institute, Inc.
P.S. No connection to In Vitrogen - I just buy their products.

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