FinI enzyme info?

Wed Sep 2 07:54:03 EST 1992

Several years ago Szybalski came up with a unique method to cleave
DNA at any site using type II-S restricition endonucleases. Assuming
that FinI can't be found and that the cut must be made at precisely that
site, she may wish to consult the following references:

1. Kim, SC; Podhajski, AJ; Szybalski,W (1988) "Cleaving DNA at any
predetermined site with adapter-primers and class-IIS restriction enzymes"
Science 240:504-506.

2. Podhajski, AJ; Szybalski, W. (1985) "Conversion of the FOKI endonuclease
to a universal restriction enzyme: cleavage of phage M13mp7 DNA at
predetermined sites" Gene 40: 175-182, see erratum in Gene 43: 325

3. Szybalski, W. (1985) "Universal restriction endonucleases: designing
novel cleavage specificities by combining adapter oligodeoxynucleotide and
enzyme moieties" Gene 40: 169-173.

Good luck,

Don Back
Department of Biochemistry
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario. CANADA.

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