fin i enzyme info?

Bill Melchior, NCTR/FDA wmelchior at NTBTOX.NCTR.FDA.GOV
Wed Sep 2 06:12:35 EST 1992

>A colleauge of mine at Harvard asked me if I would post a request for
>*any* information anyone might have on a restriction enzyme known as Fin I
>Failing that, would anyone know the primary reference for this enzyme?
>And, failing that, does anyone know what organism Fin refers to?
The Kessler & Manta compendium (Gene 92, 1-248 (1990)) says it's from
_Flavobacterium indologenes_.  The reference is to an unpublished
observation by R. Morgan.  (This is probably the same as the R.D. Morgan
given in the references, who has published several restriction enzyme papers
in Nucleic Acids Research.)  A "$" is used in the Gene paper to indicate
commercially available enzymes, and is NOT present for the Fin I listing.

Sorry.  Would REBASE have more up-to-date information?  I've never used it.

P.S.  In 1990, Kessler & Manta were shown as being with Boehringer Mannheim.
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