Stratagene Quick-Hyb

Ed Rybicki ED at
Tue Sep 29 05:38:48 EST 1992

> I saw an ad for Stratagene's Quick Hyb hybridization solution.  the claim is
> that hybridization of blots is reduced to 1 hour (from overnight).  Does anyone
> know what does this?  Is it just a bunch of PEG added to a regular hyb
> solution?  If so, why doesn't everyone do this?
> If anyone does this kind of thing regularly (i.e. 1 hour hybridizations), I'd
> like to know how.  Thanks
> Daniel Kim

We don't do 1-hr hybs, but we used (I don't know if the students and other
children still do, they've gone off and invented other myths since) to
include 10% PEG-6000 in hyb mixes: esp hyb mixes containing formamide and
using RNA as probe, instead of dextran sulphate.  My colleague Maud Purves
did a 2-hr hyb using a cDNA probe onto dot-blotted RNA for one of our
student practicals the other day, with 10% PEG, and it worked fine.  Like
the Biorad "negative blot" protein stain (=0.3M CuCl2) - a well-hidden
secret, much cheaper off the shelf than out of the catalogue.

Hyb on!

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