Photographing Coomassie-stained Gels

Bill Melchior, NCTR/FDA wmelchior at NTBTOX.NCTR.FDA.GOV
Tue Sep 29 11:26:41 EST 1992

>does anyone have the appropriate photographic settings/conditions to get
>good quality black&white 35mm shots of Coomassie Blue-stained PAGE gels?
>	- filters for contrast?
>	- regular B&W film (100/125 ASA) vs. high contrast?
>	- backlighting (lightbox) preferred?
>	- instructions for photoprocessing prints  
>we are familiar with the Kodak self-processing system but want negatives of 
>the gel as well.

MANY years ago I took photos of Coomassie gels, using Polaroid's P/N 55 film
(medium contrast) to get both prints and negatives; we already had an MP-4 
camera which took the film.  The only problem was the relatively slow speed 
(ISO 50).  If you actually want slides, Polaroid has slide holders.  We used 
an red-orange (Wratten 23A) filter for contrast.
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